LANG Creations


LANG Creations houses various media by artist and creative entrepreneur, Lang Maddox. While Lang is best known for her Twisted LANGuage collection, currently featured at Ten Women gallery in Santa Monica, CA, all of her other art pieces are exclusively available on LANG Creations. Other collections currently include abstract paintings, Pointed Chaos, Vibes and Matte About You.


CA Love Bear CA%2BLove%2B.jpg

CA Love Bear

from 35.00
Golden Bear Golden Bear

Golden Bear

from 35.00
Dream Boat Dream+Boat.jpg

Dream Boat

from 40.00
LA Palm LA+Palm.jpg

LA Palm

from 35.00
VW Van VW+Van+.jpg

VW Van

from 40.00
SM Palm - B/W SM Palm B and W.jpg

SM Palm - B/W

from 35.00
Lifeguard Lifeguard+.jpg


from 40.00
SM Palm - Green SM+Palm+Tree.jpg

SM Palm - Green

from 35.00
SHINE SHINE+on+wood.jpg


from 40.00
The POWER In You Who+You+Are+w+reflection.jpg

The POWER In You

from 40.00
FLAME Flame+w+refelction.jpg


from 40.00
CA Love Bear Tote Bag Love Bear tote flat.jpg

CA Love Bear Tote Bag