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Lang Maddox is a creative entrepreneur currently based in southern California. Originally from North Carolina, she grew up drawing, painting, acting, playing sports, writing, dancing and playing around with fashion. To entertain herself as a toddler, she used to take old scarves of her mother’s, twisting and tying them into fashionable (and humorously bare-backed) outfits and proudly model each of them to her mom while she was on the phone. She quickly fell in love with the imagination, playfulness and freedom that comes from creating something and has found herself craving that creative process in adulthood.

For the past eight years, Lang has carved out a new home in Los Angeles and has found herself continuously inspired by the creativity, energy and uniqueness of artists all over the city. While navigating her 20s, Lang explored acting and sketch comedy and started her Etsy shop, Twisted LANGuage during her week off in between jobs. Since putting her artwork out in the world, she has felt called to focus on her art and other creative endeavors in a big way.

In spring of 2019, her artwork was accepted into Ten Women Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. Twisted LANGuage will continue to grow while she adds abstract painting collections to her name, as well as some creative projects in the pipeline she can’t wait to share more about soon!

Lang is so excited to share her artistic journey with you and as you follow along, you will see her work continue to grow, shift, and expand to reflect what in the world is inspiring her.

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